Subject: Expedited Fuel Delivery

Hello Deb & Wendy,

Delivery of 280,000 gallons JetA fuel order completed today. Abenaqui did a wonderful job to expedite delivery of 28 truck-loads within 3 days, not an easy task to meet. Great job, thank you.

Also, I had the pleasure of meeting one of your drivers, Big Mike today. He gave me a tour of the electronics in his trailer explaining the latest technology Abenaqui is using. It was very interesting and an education for myself. Mike explained how AvFuel has the capability to process all paperwork procedures in order to issue an invoice so quickly. Please extend my thanks to Mike.

Hope you enjoy the weekend.

Maureen Bakas, GE Aircraft Engines

Test and Overhaul CoE

I want to take a moment and send you this email to let you know I was completely SATISFIED and IMPRESSED with the service that Abenaqui has provided to the ExxonMobil Newingtion Fleet. Both David Barry & Michael Delisle along with the other drivers were true Hazmat Drivers that took their jobs seriously and set an example for your company and my company drivers of what customer service is all about. The Newmington Market is very a challenging market and they were able to fit in with my men seemlesly even though we had some minor issues, but none that we did not overcome. As David Barry was leaving us yesterday, I told him I would miss him stopping in my office at the beginning of each shift just to say hello and how I was doing. I would also like to nominate Michael Delisle as a safety ambassador for Abenaqui, he made sure everyone was communicated to if there was an issue on our local highways or at one our delivery sites, in addition to following up with the appropriate action to get it repaired.

P.S. Marston should be proud of the Drivers that serviced the Newington account over the past 7+ months. I wish all of them the best of luck and hope that if we need your support again, I would truly believe we would have the same experience.

R. Matthews Newingtion Fleet Supervisor ExxonMobil Fuels Marketing, U.S. Customer Service

To: Managment and Employees.
Attn: Steve Powers

My name is Martin Cameron, I am the president of the Ocean Rd. Neighborhood Group of Portsmouth.I have watched 18 wheel fuel trucks travel over this road for maybe thirty years.

I have noticed for the past couple of years your vehicles are always moving very carefully and within the speed limits, maybe they weren’t quite as cautions a few years back. I came to the conclusion these drivers are consistently careful and courteous, speaking for the families who live here, we appreciate it. Eighteen wheelers with or without fuel onboard present an extreme hazard to life and property, any type of an accident cuold be a disaster. Note the recent 18 wheeler fuel truck on an interstate loop in San Francisco, a complete section of the overpass was gone with the steel girders melted.

Apparently this is company policy that safe courteous drivers always comes first and most especially in this era of “road rage”. Delivering the product on time is a prime consideration, however an accident ruins more than just your day. While other companies are able to deliver the same product with ‘time’ number one, accident reports, court appearances, damages, and lives, are more costly than a few minutes. We appreciate this consideration of the extra minute you take, while passing through the neighborhood. Thank you all.

Martin A. Cameron

On behalf of the Road Transport Group for Shell and Motiva, I would like to thank you for your outstanding performance during the first quarter. Shell and Movita feel strongly about recognizing outstanding performance by our dedicated carriers throughourt the U.S. We are excited to announce that the Road Transportation Committee has selected Abenaqui Inc. as Carrier of the Quarter.

Thanks to your commitment and alignment with our core values – belief in people, trustworthiness, excellence, innovation and a sense of urgency – we experienced a successfull first quarter, in terms of overall delivery performance. Please accept these gas cards as a token of our appreciation for your Drivers.

As you may already know, our Carrier Recongnition Program is based on the measures included in our Carrier Scorecards – HSSSE and Operational Performance. The performance of your drivers has been a postive impace on your individual scorecard, which, in turn, improves Shell and Movia’s overall delivery performance.

Dan Coakley, Delivery Support Manager, Trucking and Ordering Management

A quick note … While filling my gas tank this morning at about 9 a.m. at the Cumberland Farms on Salem Street, Reading, near the rotary for Rt. 128/95, I watched one of your drivers masterfully wind his way from where he had parked (the truck necessarily extending back through the line of gas pumps) to the small exit and onto the main road. He first checked (on foot) all around to see where other cars were, slowly backed up his rig, and with one smooth motion drove his truck through the small, awkward parking area. The number on his truck was, I believe, 25318.

It is a pleasure to see a skilled and courteous trucker. Thank you.

Judith Gillette, TSSF

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